Shinpei Shirai Shirai Shinpei

Interesting advertising plan shirai plan

1963 Gofukumachi key point shop dateso (kanban shop) employment 12 years
Winning the 2018 rubber stamp art gold medal
Advertising shirai plan company which is interesting for 2,018 years

Shizuoka in the town of art. "It is another oneself visual sight transmission!" We see face of storekeeper.
We welcome at the storefront in glance same as visitor with character art signboard near size of life and do.
We propose symbol of shop, people and matter becoming proud at the storefront and derive person of entering a shop to entrance
Light up at approach panel signboard, night...
Well, another oneself that ... ssonna is original? We will have this do work all day long.

Plan, crafts, art, illustration