It seems Kawamoto; Kawamoto Mie

Stained glass studio kawamoto

We are from Shizuoka-shi.
1996 stained glass studio kawamoto entering a company.
The 2006 United States Oregon "Bulls eye company" "Ouroboros company" training
     The United States Michigan "full spectrum studio" training
2007 studio inside and outside lecturer, city lifelong learning center glass art lecturer (during continuation)
2008 United States Oregon Portland "Bulls eye company" special skill lecture completion
We become the stained glass first grade skill crafts person acquisition, SGAJ (association of Japanese stained glass) official recognition member in 2013
Kame technique workshop lecturer (during continuation) for 2,015 years in the garasurando Kagurazaka head office for studio sponsors
Interchange exhibition exhibits in Xinzhu City of Taiwan on stand day in 2016
Director 2018 SGAJ (association of Japanese stained glass) permanent post, secretary general appointment
    New kawamoto studio grand opening
2019 kawamoto kobodaihyoshunin
    Brook three intellect panel work repair assistance
    Meeting officer appointment to praise brook three intellect
    Interchange exhibition exhibits in Xinzhu City of Taiwan on stand day
    Winning the Shizuoka applied fine arts exhibition prize for encouragement
    Catholic Shimizu church "meeting protecting temple of Confucius" chairperson appointment

It reopens studio which parents raised from 1987 in Kutsunoya, Shizuoka-shi in September, 2018!
Shizuoka inside and outside private residence, TV station studio set, public facilities mainly of stained glass for building
We deal with order work from design to construction much.
Stained glass classroom which we matched with level from beginner to expert experienced person in the studio inside and outside
We open up workshop. Resize and restoration to size and form of request are possible, too.
We perform enlightenment activity of stained glass pioneer "brook three intellect" from Shizuoka-shi.
Association of American stained glass professional member
Association of Japanese stained glass permanent post director
First class skill crafts person

Crafts, art, others