Hanako Igarashi Igarashi Hanako


DTP operator & illustrator from print company
We are active in freelance from 2010.

While we engage in DTP and design, illustration production,
We undertake book of Adobe Illustrator connection, technical writing of the industry magazine.
We go on the platform as speaker for seminar for Adobe product users held in metropolis including Tokyo.

+ "It is ○△□ and thrusts anything" in DESIGNING (Mynavi) We are publishing this serially.
In book "speediness like the act of God Illustrator" (AMW, joint work), "recipe of Illustrator magic" (Natsumesha, joint work).

From viewpoint of both illustration production, DTP operation, both appearance and structure are beautiful
We search "the making of data which do not trouble post-process".

Please feel free to contact design, DTP such as flyer or leaflet, various illustration cut making. We receive requests such as writing of article about Adobe Illustrator, seminar going on the platform.

Graphic design, literary arts, writing, illustration, others