Group exhibition "atelier - shower Act2 ~ of opening"


It is winner of CCC open call for participants exhibition "NEXT creator catch-up 2017",
Group exhibition "atelier - shower Act2 ~ of opening" by person from Institute of Shizuoka art
We begin on Friday, September 15!

It is group exhibition by four artists.
All the members are from Shizuoka and four of us vary in time each,
There is career that we learned at art cramming school called Institute of Shizuoka art (24, Yachiyocho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi).
We are continuing writer activity now in Shizuoka, Tokyo, Kyoto and various parts of Japan.

With introduction of this exhibition being nationwide from local city called Shizuoka, and high-level young writer being produced,
It is aimed for introduction of art atelier called Institute of Shizuoka art which produced writers.
According to two keywords called "Shizuoka" that is common to exhibition writer "atelier" in the ground of Shizuoka,
We reproduce atelier scenery of academy in display gallery and display work in form to be studded with each work there.

Many works were produced by one atelier of Shizuoka, and the writer life of exhibitors began again from there, too.
Similarly in having visitors sense atmosphere of our work and art atelier bodily,
If imagination, creativity in everyday life make a roused help, we are glad.
It is our "atelier of opening".

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