Original stage performance sebunerefantsuburinguhapinesu by citizen


From January 8 Monday (holiday), 15:00 in MIRAIE re-Ann community hall Shichikencho
We perform performance of original stage "sebunerefantsuburinguhapinesu" by citizen.

The Taisho era that is transition period when mass culture changes when the stage is from play to movie.
With the long history, people came and went all through the ages, and brought about bustle; "is waiting for"
We had inspiration from episode only in Shichikencho, and the truth and falsehood mixed
It becomes talk.

In addition, prologue begins at 14:00 before performance on crossroads - Shichikencho vehicle-free promenade of label.
Kneading on fire walk of imaginary festival begins and advances with huge elephant noisily to main story venue.

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