pafomingu arts festival
Shichikencho incident 2


Shichikencho becomes theater on that day?

Festival to be able to meet pafomingu arts such as dance, drama, street performance with Shichikencho incident on the stage of facility, theater, store, street of Shichikencho neighborhood.
The second holding was decided secondary to last year. The second can enjoy show of night adult and various performances on the daytime of Sunday as holding on Saturday of the weekend on 2nd on the weekend on Sunday on Saturday, March 10, 2018, 11th. It becomes all no charge for admission.
(tossed coin welcome!)

As it was said that Shichikencho became moving picture, Showa as town of entertainment in the Taisho era in the Meiji era with movie, we gave people daily vitality through monoaida, art and entertainment more than 100 years. Physical fictionization which modern depicters work on is pafomingu art in order to inherit Legacy of such a town.

This pafomingu arts spread among people for depicter and are opportunity to grow up to be given vitality, and Shichikencho incident is experience that is right incident to witness the history of new Shichikencho for person of admiration. "Town encounter with physical expression that is overuse in town Shichikencho where theater" matches in fun. In addition, delicious restaurant and individual shops gather in this neighborhood. Please enjoy town walk in the middle of theatergoing.

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