[Shizuoka silk] "Robe of an angel" prologue


It is held in CCC on Sunday for from Friday, November 1 to 4th
In street performance World Cup in Shizuoka 2018,
It depends on "Shizuoka silk" project for two days on Sunday on Saturday, November 3, 4th
We stage "robe of an angel" "prologue"!

CCC begins "Shizuoka silk" newly
At part of pafomingu arts project,
From prosperous Shizuoka such as street performance and drama, dance,
At first we aim for letting you do creation of new physical expression.

"Robe of an angel" of presentation is constitution assets of world heritage Mount Fuji this time
Based on popular program "robe of an angel" of ability that we did on the stage of Miho no Matsubara,
We become stage using original expression called modern circus.

Yasuhiro Yunoki of CCC program director,
With Taichi Kotsuji of juggler learning modern circus now in France,
Percussionist Aya Suzuki working hard at study in gendo royal music graduate school in Belgium,
Endo Ayano and others of choreography house / dancer who is active lively based in Shizuoka,
We develop creation.

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