Response to new coronavirus infectious disease


In Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center,
We prevent expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease and it is visited
With giving first priority to your health and security, we take the following measures.

In addition, when we assume business cancellation, postponement,
We will tell at any time on homepages.

We would appreciate your understanding, cooperation.

■Approach to infection prophylaxis

 ・We install surgical spirit in the neighborhood of entrance, the neighborhood of rooms entrance.
 ・In hall always ventilate to air, and to change.
 ・The secretariat staff wears mask and copes
  There is case. Thank you for your understanding.

■It is asked all of the visits for cooperation

 ・Customer who is poor in a cough, fever, physical condition including symptom such as a cold
  We would appreciate your refraining from visits.
 ・We install surgical spirit in hall. Please cooperate with sterilization of finger.
 ・When a cough, sneezing are done, mask handkerchief; mouth
  Please cooperate with "a cough etiquette" to cover well.
 ・Please carry out gargle, hand-washing strictly.
 ・When you become ill-conditioned, during visit, please report to the staff.

We would appreciate your understanding, cooperation.

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