[Makoto Tagawa exhibition production @CCC] We are going to hold August in July


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Makoto Tagawa of painter who is creators HUB registrant in CCC trial manufacture creation room,

We release state of production of picture work!
As for acrylic paints (Riki tex) or the water-soluble chalk (kit pass),
Because describe using various art supplies; usage and technique further
You can enjoy process before work being completed.

●Making a reservation is unnecessary!
※We may leave our seat by urgent business
※When correspondence in individual treatment including meeting is necessary, application is necessary beforehand

●There is no capacity!
※As limit is in space, you may have to wait when it is full
※Enforcements of ventilation, entrance restrictions that we open window for prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease infection, thermometry, mask wearing, hand-washing
I would like cooperation.

●It is no charge for admission!
Please drop in casually♪

Public production schedules of August are as follows in July.

Wednesday, July 1 14:00-17:00
Wednesday, July 8 14:00-17:00
Wednesday, July 22 14:00-17:00
Wednesday, July 29 14:00-17:00

There is kit pass experience program of child in Wednesday, August 19 14:00-17:00
Wednesday, August 26 14:00-17:00

Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center (CCC)
〒420-0035 15-1, Shichikencho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL 054-205-4750

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