CCC development! Original here karuta which creator made
We present "shizuokaruta" by the first arrival!
<in 1 group up to three sets, 300 sets in total>


As local karuta "shizuokaruta" introduces various charm including culture, history, sightseeing, industry of Shizuoka-shi,
Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center (nickname: CCC) produces, of 15 creators
It was produced with a limitation of the number as matching business in December, 2018.

It is judged that the approach wins "2019 good design award" from the viewpoint of design of wide sense.

Please make use of this karuta by all means,
In education in Shizuoka-shi, the welfare engine others, any group (child club, child care circle, neighborhood association, children's association),
We will present "shizuokaruta" 300 sets of limitation.

You have you read rule of the following application, and please apply.

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