Exhibition Part3 change change handkerchief of JAGDA connection


Association of Japanese graphic designer (JAGDA) from 2018 for three years,
We support impaired artist and pararimpian using "power" to tie of design.
Following Part1 masking tape, Part2 tumbler, Part3 produced handkerchief.
We design based on work library "able art company" of impaired artist registration work (excluded partly),
Place stick in one side, and is usable as support flag, is right "change change handkerchief".
From January 17, 2020 to February 18. With Tokyo midtown design hub as a start
We sell display, charity in the whole country, and designer participates by volunteer utilized professional ability,
We contribute sale profit except the work fee for use and cost to manufacture to artist to association of Japanese pararimpianzu.
Please find favorite of everybody.

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