It is coparty of writers to the world of handicrafts art


It is coparty of writers to the world of handicrafts art

From Friday, February 21, 2020 to Sunday, March 8 10:00-21:00

Original work which was supported by high technique of handicrafts writers,
We direct by plant and dried flower such as eucalyptuses and lighting,
We charm as space installation of handicrafts art.
Welcome to the world of handicrafts art to overflow with fantasic in originality.
Please enjoy exhibition and workshop of handicrafts writers playing an active part in Shizuoka.

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Shichikencho incident 4


Shichikencho incident 4

From Saturday, March 14, 2020 to 15th Sunday

Shichikencho attracting attention as meal and art & culture zone of Shizuoka city area, theater and facility of Hitoyadocho,
pafominguatsu festival that assumed cafe, park, vehicle-free promenade the stage.
Creative physical expression transverse with drama, dance, genre including street performance across fence of professional and flax, performer and the audience
We develop in the whole area. As it was said that Shichikencho became moving picture, Showa as the town of entertainment in the Taisho era in the Meiji era with movie
We gave people daily vitality through art and entertainment for about 150 years.
And modern, creative physical expression "pafominguatsu" will inherit Legacy of this town now.
Please sense moment to spin new history bodily. In addition, a lot of unique stores to run in individuals gather in this neighborhood.
As for the town of theatergoing walk on the way in fun.

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