The session <br> sixth "will launch oneself project!" in future


Future session
The sixth "will launch oneself project!"

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 from 18:30 to 21:00

There are work, business, great achievement, everything, start and begins with one project.
From momentary trifle just as for also any project as for the opportunity.
It is everyday life, hobby and work, again one encounter, and image heated at just moment becomes kind of project.
Such a project is born so from head of everybody.
Kind of project is advertising production of the best! toiukotode, the sixth theme
"Let's launch oneself project!" toshitemimashita.
How do you realize a certain idea in head of everybody? Way of living, work contents, genre, each
If different everybody performs session of shu marukarakosono way of thinking to Frank and does concretely, how about?
It may become session in future when we can expect unexpected chemical change.
In addition, "surokaru editorial department" participates in plan, administration from this time.
There may be thing that interesting project supports with CCC♪

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From Milan! Of eriana rorena


From Milan! "PRINTED" exhibition of eriana rorena

From Friday, November 3, 2017 to Sunday, November 26

CCC holds precedent every year <work display and talk show by well-known creator playing an active part in the world>
In Milan that is global sender's address of design in 2017, Italy under the theme of "color / material / structure"
We featured Mr. eriana rorena which played an active part.
In addition, designer playing an active part in Tokyo, Mr. Andrea dikiara are in charge of meeting place design as participation now in particular,
With work of Italian creator; show, and you see one.
Creator and design students of Shizuoka are creative with having all of you enjoy view of the world of both creators
We hope that we receive inspire.

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Shizuoka copywriter zouk love advertisement seminar


Shizuoka copywriter zouk love advertisement seminar

From May, 2017 to October from 19:00 to 20:30 (opening 18:30)

We get cooperation of Shizuoka copywriter zouk love and hold advertisement seminar.
Active creator, planner that lecturer plays an active part in adland of Shizuoka.
In one, company of student aiming at the industry let alone person working in advertisement agency in advertisement, sales promotion, sales promotion
It is recommended lecture in one about.

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