Shizuoka copywriter zouk love advertisement seminar


Shizuoka copywriter zouk love advertisement seminar

From May, 2017 to October from 19:00 to 20:30 (opening 18:30)

We get cooperation of Shizuoka copywriter zouk love and hold advertisement seminar.
Active creator, planner that lecturer plays an active part in adland of Shizuoka.
In one, company of student aiming at the industry let alone person working in adland in advertisement, sales promotion, sales promotion
It is lecture that is recommended to people concerned.

As for the application, is the youngest; "email, please click from this".

◆The first Friday, May 19
 From trout to personal
 "How to convey, way of travelling of ... advertisements completely changed, too"
 Lecturer: Kuniharu Okamoto (representative from Okamoto strategic advertising office)

◆The second Friday, June 23
 About copywriter, writer, WEB writer
 ... name is introduction ... by the contents of work that is entirely different though we are similar
 Lecturer: Naoko Matsuda (freelance)

The third Friday, July 21
 Plan and design which come out of words
 It is escape ... from "idea does not come out" ...
 Lecturer: Kazuyoshi Hirozumi (distance International's representative director)
 ※Because the third reached capacity, we finished offer. Much application, thank you very much.

◆The fourth Friday, August 25
 Before advertising production. We talk of this.
 Work ... of ... strategic planner
 Lecturer: Masaya Fushimi (SBS promotion Planning Division)

◆The fifth Friday, September 22
 The expiration date of CM
 Collection of recipes ... to draw the secret and taste of ... long run CM
 Lecturer: Toshikazu Suzuki (DENTSU East Japan creative director)

◆The sixth Thursday, October 26
 Visitors full participation! Talk battle with young woman creator
 Among ... consumers and client and the bosses, it is advertisement ... of agony made
 Session main member: Shiro Matsunaga (Shizuoka copywriter zouk love chairperson),
           Kana Masuda (Fuji Telenet), Haruka Murakami (Antelope)
◆Exchange meeting holding!◆
 After seminar on Thursday, October 26, we hold exchange meeting.
 >The details are this

Seminar creative director: Koji Sugiyama (representative from SCC member /Bridge)

Holding time:
With each time from 19:00 to 20:30 (opening 18:30)

Tuition: Free of charge

The offer staff: Each 30 time first arrival
     ※Let alone application, we accept multiple application in once once.

Application method:
Apply by E-mail.
Does title
apply for "SCC advertisement seminar" to seminar of dainanikai in the text?
Please list "address (possible only in city, ward), full name, age, contact information (phone number), occupation".
We accept with reply email from our center and become completion.
E-Mail address info ★ ※★You change this to @, and please send email.

Venue: Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center the second floor multi-purpose room
   ※Please enter at CCC shop front (you measure up according to Shichikencho).
   As we cannot enter from water supply Government building shop front and perron of the front right hand
   Please be careful.
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The CCC staff performs shooting, collecting in venue and releases state of seminar as record at the WEB tops.
Please note that participants may become subject.