From Friday, September 1, 2017 to Sunday, September 10

We display T-shirt which Mr. Thai graphic designer slat tomonsakku designed.

I am graphic designer who came from Bangkok of Thailand. We were brought up on seeing the Japanese media from the small time. We like "Doraemon, Dr. slump & hail, Kamen Rider, Gundam, ninja Hattori, Ikkyu, Chibi Maruko-chan". Afterwards movie of Manager Akira Kurosawa and come to enjoy animation Japanese movie of Studio Ghibli came to be interested in music, art, graphic design very much. We like reading novel of Haruki Murakami recently. In addition, we designed a lot of book jackets of Haruki Murakami translated for Thai.

We do not understand whether all around me is called "inspiration". In addition, we did not know whether it was called "imagination", but we most strongly received influence such as concept and story, way of thinking from all Japan, and it was to graphic designer. We are active as artist now in Shizuoka. We think that people of Shizuoka and life in Shizuoka, mountain "Mount Fuji" which I love again have a big influence on me. I love comics, art, design here and receive energy of Japan every day in Shizuoka. It is very good for my life and carrier.

As I came under the influence of the Japanese mass media, we do "Shizuoka" and "Thailand Bangkok" in motif and produce. Reason why we chose T-shirt as at this exhibition is because anyone wanted to make art peace that is easy to be available. We want to see person wearing T-shirt which I designed. And we are glad if inspiration gets wide to next-generation person. We want to continue from now on.

I am a Thai graphic designer from Bangkok Thailand. I have grown up with Japanese media.I enjoyed Doraemon, Dr. Slump & Arale, Kamen Riders, Gundam, Hatori ninja, Ikkyu san, Maruko chan. And after that I began to enjoy movies by Kurozawa and Studio Ghibli, a lot of Japanese movies, music, art and graphic designs. Now I love to read Haruki Murakami's novel and I designed a lot of Haruki Murakami's books in Thai version.

Everything around me I don't know it's called "Inspiration".I don't know it's called "Imagination", anything that I like the concept and the story from Japan are very strong inspiration that push me to go to my career now as a graphic designer, as an artist and push me to move and live in Shizuoka now.Every Minutes in this Shizuoka city with the Shizuoka people with my favourite mountain "Fuji mountain" inspired me a lot.I do a lot of mangas, art and designs here. In Shizuoka I have receive the Japanese energy in everyday life. That's very good for my life and my career.

I want to show my work through T-shirts which are inspired by Shizuoka people, Shizuoka City and also my Hometown Bangkok in Thailand. Because I had been growing up with mass Japanese media, and T-shirt is a medium for my career to show my work and I thought it's the easiest way for people to own a piece of art that could be a part of everyday life. Anyway, I just want to see Shizuoka people wear my work of art in the street to inspire other people, other boys and other girls the same way as I was inspired by Japanese culture. I want to inspire people of the next generation. I just hope it could be continue.


Session: From Friday, September 1, 2017 to Sunday, September 10

Holding time: From 10:00 to 21:00

Venue: Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center the second floor gallery

Admission: Free of charge

Sponsorship: Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center


Slat tomonsakku
Slat tomonsakku

It was born in Thailand for 1,968 years.
Educational background 1992 chula Ron corn university education department art department
Work experience 1992 MATCHBOX (advertising agency)
     Graphic designer, art director, copywriter
     2004 Jay Walter Thompson (JWT)
     ・Bangkok (advertising agency)
     asoshieito creative director
     2008 try2benice establishment

Receiving a prize career BAD (BANGKOK ART DIRECTOR' S CLUB) prize (Thailand)
     Prize for FAB (FOOD & BEVERAGE AWARDS) prize food drink advertisement (the United States)
     Tokyo TDC (TOKYO TYPE DIRECTOR' S CLUB) prize, finalist (Japan)
     "We won until the final and got on Japanese TDC."

It is graphic designer of Bangkok of Thailand. "try2benice" is my designer name, but the real name is called surattotomonsakku. It was former art director, copy director of Thompson Bangkok and Ass.creative director before. We are playing an active part in work such as design, advertisement, illustration as graphic designer now. In addition, we are doing held charge of "pechu kucha night" of Bangkok. And various works which are Thai of Haruki Murakami who is Japanese famous writer edition, e.g.,, We designed NORWEGIAN WOOD, AFTER DARK, cover illustration of WILD SHEEP CHASE. My work won advertisement in Thailand and BAD AWARDS (BANGKOK ART DIRECTOR'S AWARD) of association of design and TACT AWARDS (THAILAND ADVERTISING CONTEST). And we won until the final and got on American FAB AWARD (FOOD AND BEVERAGE AWARDS) and Japanese TDC (TOKYO TYPE DIRECTORS CLUB).
My work including LOGO, CHARACTER DESIGN, WEB PAGE, PACKAGING, ADVERTISING, IDENTITY, BROCHURE, POSTER, BOOK COVER, CD COVER, DIRECT MAIL,ILLUSTRATION, CATALOGUE, POSTCARD, TEXTILE DESIGN, WALLPAPER DESIGN, PATTERN DESIGN, T-SHIRT, BAG, MAGAZINE DESIGN,EXHIBITION GRAPHIC, SIGNAGE, EDITORIAL is wide. It is idea of my design to make smile to delight person with work. As well as message to know from work, we value that we make person having you watch work feel happy. We want to do our best as hard as possible to have the good design work. As I want to work with Japan for some time all the time, we want to have you watch my work by all means toward Japan. Please watch my work on the following homepage. Thank you in advance.

www.try2benice .com

Inquiry this way, please.
trytobe_nice@yahoo .com