It is heart


It is heart

From Saturday, December 9, 2017 to Tuesday, December 19

Art as symbol of heart.

Universality to flow in every world person,
Characteristic that I am me,
We express using good material.

Staring at oneself through art.
Through work which and is sensible of imagining,
Beauty of unit that anyone has,
In addition, connection of unit and unit, the warmth,
Being felt in each.
For such a thing, we want to make one flake of various hearts form.

It is this display "heart, and" expresses factor that it is like the origin, the core of own production.

Anyone is live root, soul, unconsciousness, inner world, space, heart having inward...nadoto is called
We serve various scenes and image scenery of depth of heart and are more familiar to we Japanese than ancient times and are of nature origin,
We keep sumi and power of material called Japanese paper to hark back to infinite color alive and express with sumi elephant and handwriting.

With message characteristics which one work has each,
The whole exhibit space is performed installation of as one work,
Consciousness includes process called sublimation to becoming or descent to unconsciousness from thing in confusion
We remind of each "heart" by doing arrangement between the sky, and expressing work as whole characteristics of heart.

We press the truth of unit that modern people spending busy days almost forget.


Mayumi Tamura
Mayumi Tamura

The image bunch sum sponsorship
artist/lecturer/art therapist

Shizuoka University Department of Education art culture course book culture specialty is a graduate.
(general incorporated foundation) Lifelong learning development foundation authorization master artwork therapist.

As place that can value art as expression of heart,
We launch the image bunch sum (gaboniko),
As for production, display, calligraphy, art therapy classroom, the workshop holding,
We are active based in Shizuoka-shi.