CCC2018 Contemporary Art plan <br>Group Exhibition<br> "Hachiya Mitsushi + Murakami Makoto" + "Niwa Seijiro + Kato Manya"


CCC2018 Contemporary Art plan
Group Exhibition
"Hachiya Mitsushi + Murakami Makoto" + "Niwa Seijiro + Kato Manya"

From Saturday, February 3, 2018 to Sunday, February 25

Book exhibition is exhibition by 4 writers walking expression activity on original platform.
Installation of Hachiya turning eyes for thing and relationship of interval of memory in the environmental world.
Photograph of Murakami who repeated physical movement, and was cut out of project in natural environments with frame called photograph.
Installation with photograph of Niwa born from difference with the world which we reconfirm own unsureness and see.
Art object and video of Kato visualizing phenomenon covered by personal belongings by unique technique.
We visualize invisible thing, and writer's original viewpoint becomes additional line to the world of thought and stimulates imagination of person watching.

CCC2018 Contemporary Art plan
Group Exhibition
"Hachiya Mitsushi + Murakami Makoto" + "Niwa Seijiro + Kato Manya"

Session: From Saturday, February 3, 2018 to Sunday, February 25

Holding time: From 10:00 to 21:00 ※The last day until 18:00

Venue: Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center (CCC)
   Gallery on the second floor

Admission: Free of charge

Cooperation: Evergreen leaves university Hachiya laboratory, Murakami laboratory

Allied enterprise

Gallery talk by piano improvisation /4 writer by Yuya Inukai

Session: Saturday, February 3, 2018

Holding time: 17:30 ...

※Application is participation-free. Come to venue directly.
 In the case of a lot of visitors, we may set a limit to entrance.
※The CCC staff performs shooting, collecting in venue and releases state of business as record at the WEB tops.
 Please note that participants may become subject.

2007Kulturfabrik Krefeld.jpg
Hachiya Mitsushi HACHIYA,mitsushi "2007 View -Essnce of Life-" water, polymer, imitation flower 2007
We are born in Nagano. Expression activity begins in place to take wave of Neo-Expressionism in the 1980s.
We keenly realize vanity of art affecting material and unfold mainly on field installation after 1996.
We find place of expression that is not restricted by the cause, system of concept setting, "few thing disappears from memory in front",
We express a series of processes to show in society space as work and are active.

It is "-2 photograph, ink-jet output 2017 from movement (II), southern island" Murakami Makoto MURAKAMI,makoto
We are born in Shizuoka. We announce 1974 - photographs. Commencing with production of 1985 - art work,
We organize - project "nature cultivation amatuchi kosaku" in 1988 and perform local production and performance at home and abroad.
We dissolve the nature cultivation in 2003 and begin solo activity that we did mainly on photograph. For recent announcement,
2013 through 14 "scene of "death" of water meeting e southern island" (Ginza NIKON salon and others),
There is "island no shadow" (Nagoya University gallery Clas) in 2015. We featured the theme of <movement> now
We produce with fieldwork.

The tatamiiwashi-style cause. jpg
Niwa Seijiro NIWA,seijiro "cause (I) of tatamiiwashi type" lambda print acrylic mount 2014
We are born in Nagoya-shi. 1991 Aichi Prefectural University of Arts graduate school art graduate course completion. We pay our attention to limit part of picture,
We begin announcement of work which modelled picture space.
Afterwards "our looking at the world" under the theme of "the world being seen in us" art object and photograph
We continue production, announcement of art work intermittently while using compositely.

Kato Manya KATO,manya "Lotus Development Corporation" (20) iron, tree 2009
We are born in Aichi. We complete British national Nottingham Trent University Graduate School (MA-Fine Art) in 1999.
It is a lot of work announcement out of the country including group exhibition in private exhibition, U.K. and Italy in Kariya City Art Museum after returning home.
Unique art object which provokes laughter while being strange which increased kind to everyday ready-made article only a little is characteristic.
We deal with three-dimensional work mainly, but announce video work of simple constitution.

Yuya Inukai INUKAI,yuya (piano improvisation)
We are born in Aichi. We create sound from a feeling of environmental situation and air impromptu and work on performance.
We are playing an active part as performer working on fusion with different kind expression as well as classic performance.
We improvise image that we received this time from book exhibition venue.

※Photograph is reference work of writer. It may not be actually exhibited.