Recruitment of project "Rite of Spring" dancers


Recruitment of project "Rite of Spring" dancers

Offer period: From Thursday, September 20, 2018 to Monday, October 15

It is performed in Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center in Shizuoka-shi in March, 2019
We stage by pafomingu arts festival "Shichikencho incident 3"
Of contemporary dance performance "Rite of Spring" (composition: Igor Stravinsky, choreography: Endo Ayano)
It recruits performers.

As for "Rite of Spring," Russian composer Igor Stravinsky is ballet Rue's
Ballet which we composed for (Russia ballet which won popularity in the early 20th century).
Vaslas Nijinsky stops by in about 1913 and is choreographed, and after that we are loved by person of many choreographies director,
It is work which is said to be monumental achievement of creation.

It is Endo Ayano of person of choreography in dancers resident in Yaizu-shi that choreograph with this magnificent, difficult work.
Endo appointed dancer approximately 15 four years ago and announced this work and attracted public attention.

By costarring with five top dancers who is active this time around Tokyo of repeat performance and performer to recruit this time
We make and put up.
It will be that it is opportunity when skill up is precious to create with experienced dancers.
We look forward to recruitment of enthusiasm people to be located within.

[offer essential point]
・Program "Rite of Spring" (presentation time approximately 30 minutes)
  Composition: Igor Stravinsky
  Choreography: Endo Ayano
  Performance day: Sunday, March 17, 2019

・Offer period: From Saturday, September 1, 2018 to Monday, October 15

・The offer number of people: Approximately ten people

[notice matter]
 There is no performance fee basically.
  We intend for person experiencing ballet, dance more than three years.
 (genre of dance does not matter)
 There is audition.
  The odeshon date: Saturday, October 20
  Venue: MIRAIE re-Ann community hall Shichikencho
     12-4, Shichikencho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
  ※I will inform later at holding time
  ※One where schedule does not fit is osodan
 It becomes just on March 17, 2019 on performance day from November, 2018 during activity period.
 (the lesson number of times schedules about 30 times)

・Sponsorship: Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center (CCC)

・Application method
 List the name, contact information (email, telephone), address, age, simple profile, and by email
 Please send. We accept with reply email from our center and become completion.
 E-Mail address info ★ ※★You change this to @, and please send email.

 Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center (CCC)
 〒420-0035 15-1, Shichikencho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
 TEL 054-205-4750

Shichikencho incident
We are developed on theater, facility, cafe or vehicle-free promenade of Shichikencho neighborhood
pafomingu arts festival. Other than street performance that seems to be Shizuoka as well as drama and dance
We provide opportunity when we can experience various physical expression until entertainment-like performances such as rakugo.
We reach the third year in this year and are familiar with town of Shichikencho a little.
By many performers, we spark incident this year in Shichikencho neighborhood.

Choreography Endo Ayano (endoayano)
We begin classical ballet than 8 years old. We study under Tatsue Sata, Showa, Kawachi. Sata work to study under
We appear on "karuminaburana" "ninth" "gardens" to 01' - 11'.
By contemporary dance Masahiro Yanagimoto, daikyudaisho, beach Island future, Megumi Kamimura,
We study under Jean low Langsat porters and are engaged in work.
Start choreography activity at 08' by oneself, so far "Rite of Spring" "moon on the twelfth floor" "La vie et la molt"
We announce approximately 25 works including small work in theater X, Morishita studio, Nakano ZERO hall.
Providing goes choreography to opera work, capital opera "two-run homer dot" "Hamlet,"
We are in charge of choreography in orchestra "Siegfried" in Aichi public holidays and festival days. We get favorable reception (all create Miharu Sato).
Move headquarters than 16' in Shizuoka from Tokyo, CCC plan "Shichikencho incident"
We give choreography to "SevenElephants Bring Happiness".
In addition, we participate in project "okushizu relationship drama festival" of okushizu and Spac as dancer this autumn,
Repeat performance in unit "sun Yuka" who regenerated street performance World Cup, court dance and music of Enshu Mori-machi by new music and dance,
Appearance is planned.

■"Rite of Spring" lead dancer

Sakuma grass (sakumakaya)
We begin classical ballet triggered by figure skating since childhood.
Classical ballet, contemporary dance, social dancing [Finalist], musical,
As dancer expressing beyond genre including show Aoyama ballet festival
We play an active part regardless of "Edge ofNight" (Toru Shimazaki choreography), home and abroad including "no.mad.ic project" (Minoru Kanamori choreography)
We appear on work of person of choreography and play an active part as not only appearance to the stage and event but also show produce, lecturer widely.
KAYA studio is established in 2010 by Shibuya.
From one general by original approach method that we made use of past experience in to active performer
We perform lesson to support widely. We acquire qualification of GYROKINESIS® in 2013.
We spend time of ten years in 2018 and make "usable body" "body not to hurt" and turn with the physical origin
We devise KAYA method ® to toss and establish.
Show model and top performer of various genres including body care of actress pursuing beauty,
We are active as depicter, trainer of athlete.

Yukio Miyahara (we go to Miyahara)
It was born in Saga for 1,986 years.
We visit Europe after Osaka University of Arts graduation.
We announce choreography work while we dance main part-time jobs during dance company Noism being on the register roll that Niigata-shi has.
We form dance unit sogarabu (sukarabe) after the dismissal from an organization and stage work at home and abroad. Shizuoka University
Often make the next stillness by art management business or Shichikencho incident, for sogarabu Shizuoka
It becomes land with connection very much. In other individuals TOHO musical "Elizabeth"
We appear on this and PDA, performance of kampaniderashinera. Mainly on choreography, appearance on the stage
We carry out a wide activity.