mujika <br> Katsutoshi Shirasuna exhibition of Hoshino egg and reproduction


mujika of Hoshino egg and reproduction
Katsutoshi Shirasuna exhibition

From Friday, April 3, 2020 to Sunday, April 19 10:00-21:00

It is private exhibition of Katsutoshi Shirasuna who is artist, musician.

Display concerning 1F gallery [mujika of reproduction] musical instrument
Guitar which was broken, and was thrown away
... that he would finish one duty
Still, it is beautiful
We are too sorry to make ash as it is
We pick up after consideration from dumping ground
mujika of reproduction began in there

Things which are unnecessary bamboo, metal, Sue in 1F gallery
We record new life on musical instrument which we produced in various material and broken musical instrument
We display work which reproduced as lamp and art object

We display work using 2F gallery [Hoshino egg] seed
Plant is born, and how much time will pass
We breathe nourishment of the earth and create to breeding oxygen
He/she gives animals lifespring
It is plant and coexisting Hoshi of animal here

A certain thing sticks to body of animal and is carried
We get wind, and a certain thing flies far
We need to thing which it is eaten by bird, and is carried far
There is characteristic beautifully, and everybody is charmed in various forms to leave kind

mujika of Hoshino egg and reproduction
Katsutoshi Shirasuna exhibition

■Session: From Friday, April 3, 2020 to Sunday, April 19
     ※Monday closing
■Venue: Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center (CCC) the first floor, gallery on the second floor
■Holding time: 10:00-21:00
■Admission: Free of charge


Katsutoshi Shirasuna (K Shirasuna) artist musician

Art is studied by himself/herself after landscape gardening business that is a graduate from agricultural high school landscape gardening department to artist
Work is created when we investigate idea.
As that is wrong each time, stone, tree become expression method that is having many kinds.
Material gives various images such as sound and water or wind from form or feel of a material.
We engaged in landscape gardening business and learned viewpoint of stone, how to read tree once in the many spots.
We were attracted in that by beauty of seminal shape and vitality.
And we feel power not to be able to fight against the natural world,
We learned that we left own power open by going along with that.
We embody impulse before becoming invisible feelings and sense, words.

We make broken musical instrument for art object or household articles and change and we produce musical instrument in various material and perform in oneself performance.
As there is life on the production, all such as music fuses.

Bricolage does old folk house of 150 years old now while using scrap woods
We are doing atelier and house and activity, life that do, and came from the earth.

Private exhibition (hall plan) at the age of 35 first 2008 in mommyuze Numazu (Numazu City art museum)
It is 80 times of plan private exhibition 34 times group exhibitions in art museum, gallery by the end of December, 2019

Winning careers
2018 thirteenth Oguro-ya modern art open call for participants exhibition case choice
Paper waza award 28 is winning for 2,018 years
Paper waza award 26 is winning for 2,016 years
Art festival 2015 of paper is winning in the seventh for 2,015 years
2014 Shibuya art festival SHIBUYA AWARD - choice containing
The 78th new production exhibition (sculpture) is winning for 2,014 years
The 77th new production exhibition (sculpture) is winning for 2,013 years
The 76th new production exhibition (sculpture) is winning for 2,012 years

Art festival, residence
2019 Tsukuba international contemporary art Biennale artist in residence
2018 megururi art Shizuoka
The mountains of 2014 Fuji Biennale