Business 1 that questionary survey <br> about approach of pafominguatsu (physical expression art) "thinks about pafominguatsu as occupation"


Questionary survey about approach of pafominguatsu (physical expression art)
Business 1 that "thinks about pafominguatsu as occupation"

From Sunday, June 21, 2020 to Monday, July 20

As part of business that Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center "thinks about pafominguatsu as occupation"
We carry out questionnaire to practitioner of pafominguatsu regardless of purofesshuru/primary occupation, amateur/another job.

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Social recognition of culture art that became clear has been within range of "of less importance" by corona evil again. Performing arts-related most that damage in particular is heavy have fallen into state that even the continuation is in danger without support from that reason or country being shown immediately. On the other hand, social value of culture art seems to be recognized in the whole society to know by many countries expressing assistance measures quickly in Europe, and having started measures.

It considers, at first, to grasp the current situation of culture art (this time physical expression art) practitioner that necessary and will work on questionnaire to have you recognize social value of such culture art widely what kind of approach we should perform in future.

At that time, of course practitioner of amateur/another job that works on expression while having work is thinking about professional/primary occupation as important eligible people of questionnaire. It will be practitioner of such amateur/another job that supports culture art in area substantially. We make a variety of activity environment where various practitioners can coexist and work on business that has one goal of getting that we raise social value with that, and "thinks about pafominguatsu as occupation".

We analyze result of questionnaire and want to collect voices of many practitioners to practice future policy and concrete measure. I am sorry for your trouble, but I would like cooperation by all means.

Questionnaire about approach of pafominguatsu (physical expression art)
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Business that "thinks about pafominguatsu as occupation"

[business 2]
pafominguatsu dialogues in Shizuoka
"We think about pafominguatsu as occupation"

■The date and time: Saturday, July 11, 2020 14:00-17:30
■Place: Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center interchange training room
*There is online delivery (YouTube Live
■Capacity: 14 (we limit by corona measures)

Anyone can be looked and listened by online delivery (free)
No charge for admission (reservation required)

[business 3]
Future session
"pafominguatsu and occupation"
■Date (the end of July)
■Person of going on the platform: Under adjustment