CCC development! We present original here karuta <br> "shizuokaruta" which creator made by the first arrival! <br> <in 1 group up to three sets, 300 sets in total>


CCC development! Original here karuta which creator made
We present "shizuokaruta" by the first arrival!
<in 1 group up to three sets, 300 sets in total>

July, 2020 ...

Through karuta play, let's learn charm of Shizuoka-shi happily! Let's make use for communication!

As local karuta "shizuokaruta" introduces various charm including culture, history, sightseeing, industry of Shizuoka-shi,
Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center (nickname: CCC) produces, of 15 creators
It was produced with a limitation of the number as matching business in December, 2018.

It is judged that the approach wins "2019 good design award" from the viewpoint of design of wide sense.

Please make use of this karuta by all means,
In education in Shizuoka-shi, the welfare engine others, any group (child club, child care circle, neighborhood association, children's association),
We will present "shizuokaruta" 300 sets of limitation.

You have you read rule of the following application, and please apply.

[present contents]
shizuokaruta (in 1 group up to three sets)
・Reading cards, face card enter exclusive box.
・We bundle mini-leaflet to introduce creator engaged in production to.
*We give up to three sets in 1 group. In the case of application, please let know the desired number.

[rule of application]

Application condition
Target groups are as follows.
  In the Shizuoka city
  ●Educational institutions (even as for class unit, possible) such as elementary school, junior high school, high school, technical school, university
  ●Group which performs approach to contribute to education 
  ●It is child classroom after school after school child club
  ●Education, child-care facility of child
  (Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, nursery school, small child-care facility, child-care facility in office, kindergarten, child-care facility out of the permission)
  ●Child care support facilities
  (child care support center, child building, library, child care support group)
  ●Child society
  ●Welfare facilities, group
 ※As number includes limit, I'm very sorry, but used in standard home, individuals is excluded,
  We cannot apply. Thank you for your understanding.
 ※When it is unknown, please inquire whether you correspond to application condition to CCC.

Application period
July, 2020 ...
It should be the deadline as soon as product disappears.

■Application method
You have you fill in the following
than application form, and apply.

(1) School name, group names
(2) Representative name (furigana)
(3) Address
(4) Phone number
(5) E-Mail address
(6) The desired number <1> <2> <3>
(7) Good use of karuta method
 ※You are going to use at such an event that you want to use in this way, and please fill in ... briefly in the remarks column.
(8) Delivery method <visit directly> of karuta <cash on delivery delivery>
※Please choose either mentioned above.

■Guidance of notice
We give notice of guidance to person in charge who had you apply for less than one week.
※Even if it is past one week; from CCC when there is not any contact, sorry for your inconvenience, but please refer to CCC.
TEL: 054-205-4750

■shizuokarutano delivery method (from reception desk completion 1~2 ka moon degree)
After preparations for product handing over are completed, it becomes delivery by any of the following method.

(1) We visit CCC directly 
Come for from 10:00 a.m. to 17:00 of from Tuesday to Sunday.
※Monday closing. In the case of holiday and holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday, day except the first holiday after the next day becomes closing Monday.
※There is not parking lot. In the case of visit, please use toll parking lot of neighborhood by car.
 In addition, toll parking lot of the water department is not targeted for free of charge, and thank you for your understanding.

(2) Delivery by cash on delivery
※In the case of delivery by cash on delivery by cash on delivery (Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.: <1-2 >930 yen <3 >1,150 yen) of contractor regulations of CCC is sent.

(1) Application should be chisel because of group body once. Plural application becomes invalid.
(2) When entry that error in writing entry information of information containing cannot distinguish is omitted and does not get through,
   It becomes invalid.
(3) Present to which is used in standard home, individuals by this offer as number includes limit
   We do not plan. Thank you for your understanding.
(4) We use information that you sent to for contact about this present and delivery and,
   We use for guidance of news and business from CCC. After understanding, please apply.

Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center (CCC)
〒420-0035 15-1, Shichikencho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
info ★ ※★You change this to @, and please send email.
tel 054-205-4750
fax 054-260-4550
Charge: Takemoto (Takemoto)/now Hara (we swell now)