"Is another job artist possible CCC business Part3<br> online future session <br> "thinking about pafominguatsu as occupation"?"


Business Part3 where CCC "thinks about pafominguatsu as occupation"
Online future session
"Is another job artist possible?"

Friday, August 7, 2020 19:00-21:00

What kind of occupation (profession) is artist?
As occupation that there is many in the world is required in society, we should exist.
Then there is what kind of specialty and has society and what kind of relationship with artist again,
Does it move into action as occupation?
And is activity as the professional not really managed if it is not primary occupation?

It is rare to meet professional artist in the district.
It is district in particular that makes living only by artist, and it is easy to imagine to be difficult.
However, still there are a lot of people with thought to want to practice expression activity as artist.
At that time, is there not choice called active another job?
What kind of possibility spreads if the choice is possible?
Or what is obstacle?

"Professional" reconsiders "labor and art" "artist" in thinking about another job artist at the starting point,
We aim at session thought about until concrete suggestion to support way of working of artist in district.

[guest profile]


Hiroyuki Yamada (mountain Hiroyuki)

1971, Oigawa-cho (existing Yaizu-shi) birth. Dramatist, director. Representative from uniqueness point director.
We start theatrical company during university attendance at school and we stage afterward around small theater of Shimokitazawa for 25 years and work.
We performed presentation in Korea in 2005, and a lot of collaboration production with Japan-Korea theatrical people performed afterward, too.
In 2018, we establish "milt no Theater" in Fujieda-shi, Shizuoka and we move base of theatrical company from Tokyo and move into action.
In 2017, we performed direction of civic drama "My town" of Fujieda-shi Shimada-shi sponsorship, direction of art Festa outdoor in 2018, 2019.
We win teatoro new face drama prize in "trigger".


Hiroshi Yokoyama (wide mountain, sunshade)

1985, Kakegawa-shi birth. Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music drama specialty graduation.
Until March, 2019, we perform actor activity in SPAC- Shizuoka performing arts center, and "Mahabharata" appears on "appearing" "our town",
It rises in many scenes at home and abroad.
In addition, we are engaged in performance instruction and the foundation of local club activities, Mirai Kakegawa creative department "Palette" in Iwata child musical.
We are performing theatrical activities coherent to area now while working as the staff of Shizuoka culture foundation.


Maho Natsume (jujube, maho)

1995, Hamamatsu-shi birth. Weekdays are actor, dancers office worker on the weekend.
We work on office work, the stage activities energetically.
We appear on the civic participation type stage including "strike range seed" "performance by "CCC produce stage plan "," raudohiru plan "" a lot.
We perform support of dance instruction. Having received dancer audition of the civic participation type stage in summer of freshman with opportunity.
We continue challenging play and fight scene daringly without being fascinated by charm of the stage, and remaining in dance.
We learn the basics by jazz and belong to junior high school High School University and dance club. We experience interpretive dance and ballet, thiadance.
We have national convention case choice and Shanghai expo appearance experience.

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Business Part3 where CCC "thinks about pafominguatsu as occupation"
Online future session
"Is another job artist possible?"

■Session: Friday, August 7, 2020
■Time: 19:00-21:00
Place: Online delivery (we use meeting application Zoom)
■The offer number of people: 20 people
Hiroyuki Yamada (dramatist, director, representative from theatrical company uniqueness point)

Hiroshi Yokoyama (staff of foundation, former SPAC actor)

Maho Natsume (office worker, the weekend dancer)


Yasuhiro Yunoki (CCC pafominguatsu coordinator)

■Sponsorship: Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center

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