Castle town which Prince shunfukyujuroku ka town, stained glass exhibition Ieyasu loved


Castle town which Prince shunfukyujuroku ka town, stained glass exhibition Ieyasu loved

From Thursday, January 25, 2018 to February 12 Monday (holiday)

I who was born and raised in Shizuoka love shunfukojizu with Prince Ieyasu. We came across [for Tokaido dullness map] of important cultural property in national library several years before 20 and were impressed and wanted to express this illustrated map in light of stained glass sometime. Castle town which Ieyasu Tokugawa idealized changed flow of the Abe River, and river improvement was town under Sunpu-jo Castle which did, and did zoning in [96 towns, 29 bystreets] that people of soil agriculture, industry and commerce worked lively and were easy to live and gathered up 56 temples (the site of castle is finding now).
A lot of names of a street are loved in now 400 years later by remainder citizen, and various stories are informed.
Work is made with painting and fusing (technique to put glass, and to bake). If we have you arrive and enjoy exhibition, we are glad.

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JAGDA rookie of the year title exhibition 2017 Shizuoka exhibition <br> Taichi Tamaki, Haruka Misawa, Yoshihiro Yagi


JAGDA rookie of the year title exhibition 2017 Shizuoka exhibition
Taichi Tamaki, Haruka Misawa, Yoshihiro Yagi

From Saturday, January 6, 2018 to Sunday, January 21

Association of nonprofit foundation Japanese graphic designer which started in 1978 (abbreviation JAGDA) is carrying out various activities for approach to holding of issuance and exhibition, seminar of yearbook "Graphic Design in Japan", design education, community design and area promotion, improvement of communication environment with design including international exchange now as design group of biggest in Japan scales proud of approximately 3,000 memberships to.
In addition, we give promising graphic designer (39 years old or younger) whom future achievement is expected of "the JAGDA rookie of the year title" from "Graphic Design in Japan" exhibitor every year. This prize produces 104 designers playing an active part in the front line now, and it attracts design, adman's attention as the gateway of designer for 1,983 years. At 35th and this time to be, three people of Taichi Tamaki, Haruka Misawa, Yoshihiro Yagi were chosen as a result of fair selection from 145 rookie of the year title subject. In venue, we introduce prize winner of three people and recent work mainly on poster, small size graphic.

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The eighth SCC Shizuoka copy award exhibition


The eighth SCC Shizuoka copy award exhibition

From Friday, December 8, 2017 to Sunday, December 24

We start "the eighth SCC Shizuoka copy award exhibition" on Friday, December 8 in gallery on the second floor.
By book exhibition, we display all entry (more than 4,000 works) to "the eighth SCC Shizuoka copy award" which Shizuoka copywriter zouk love hosts. Please see many of "words" full of creativity and possibility of copy by all means.

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The session <br> sixth "will launch oneself project!" in future


Future session
The sixth "will launch oneself project!"

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 from 18:30 to 21:00

There are work, business, great achievement, everything, start and begins with one project.
From momentary trifle just as for also any project as for the opportunity.
It is everyday life, hobby and work, again one encounter, and image heated at just moment becomes kind of project.
Such a project is born so from head of everybody.
Kind of project is advertising production of the best! In thing called this the sixth theme
"Let's launch oneself project!" We did this.
How do you realize a certain idea in head of everybody? Way of living, work contents, genre, each
If different everybody performs session of shu marukarakosono way of thinking to Frank and does concretely, how about?
It may become session in future when we can expect unexpected chemical change.
In addition, "surokaru editorial department" participates in plan, administration from this time.
There may be thing that interesting project supports with CCC♪

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It is heart


It is heart

From Saturday, December 9, 2017 to Tuesday, December 19

Art as symbol of heart.

Universality to flow in every world person,
Characteristic that I am me,
We express using good material.

Staring at oneself through art.
Through work which and is sensible of imagining,
Beauty of unit that anyone has,
In addition, connection of unit and unit, the warmth,
Being felt in each.
For such a thing, we want to make one flake of various hearts form.

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From Milan! Of eriana rorena


From Milan! "PRINTED" exhibition of eriana rorena

From Friday, November 3, 2017 to Sunday, November 26

CCC holds precedent every year <work display and talk show by well-known creator playing an active part in the world>
In Milan that is the global place of dispatch of design in 2017 of Italy under the theme of "color / material / structure"
We featured Mr. eriana rorena which played an active part.
In addition, designer playing an active part in Tokyo, Mr. Andrea dikiara are in charge of venue design as participation now in particular,
With work of Italian creator; show, and you see one.
We pray for creator and design students of Shizuoka receiving creative inspire with having all of you enjoy view of the world of both creators.

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