The session <br> sixth "will launch oneself project!" in future


Future session
The sixth "will launch oneself project!"

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 from 18:30 to 21:00

There are work, business, great achievement, everything, start and begins with one project.
From momentary trifle just as for also any project as for the opportunity.
It is everyday life, hobby and work, again one encounter, and image heated at just moment becomes kind of project.
Such a project is born so from head of everybody.
Kind of project is advertising production of the best! In thing called this the sixth theme
"Let's launch oneself project!" We did this.
How do you realize a certain idea in head of everybody? Way of living, work contents, genre, each
If different everybody performs session of shu marukarakosono way of thinking to Frank and does concretely, how about?
It may become session in future when we can expect unexpected chemical change.
In addition, "surokaru editorial department" participates in plan, administration from this time.
There may be thing that interesting project supports with CCC♪

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The future session fourth "future of Shizuoka that center produces in future"


The future session fourth "future of Shizuoka that center produces in future"

Sunday, March 19, 2017 from 15:00 to 18:00

★What is CCC future session?
As the making of place of talks to be regarded as [place of talks of future intention] with session in future, and to solve social problem
We attract attention.
Future session is always to continue holding question not place for decision making and consensus building,
The participant creates purposes and is place of the originality formation to promote that it is independent and carries out.
For the current situation (problem of population outflow in particular) that Shizuoka-shi is put for session in CCC future,
Using form of this future session, it is approach to plan talks for various agenda to create the better future.
Creator plays a key role and brings about new idea and brings about the situation to be able to cause action in cooperation with many people mainly
We want to make opportunity.

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Let's talk about session third design & advertising production in future


Let's talk about session third design & advertising production in future

Friday, December 16, 2016

Now up-and-coming future session! Let's talk about from this of Shizuoka in discussion of dialog of future intention!
★It is thought with session with [place of talks of future intention] in future and attracts attention as the making of place of talks to solve social problem.
CCC (Shizuoka City Cultural and Creative Industries Promotion Center) opens in Shichikencho with the goal of creating Shizuoka-shi having charms to attract Homo sapiens thing things from 4/1 and carries out various activities to heap up Shizuoka-shi mainly on power of advertising production.
CCC future session is one of the activities and is discussion more than fences by many people.

This theme "will talk about design & advertising production".
We talk about the future of advertising production now while inviting creator concerned with Shizuoka design Festival held, and hearing their story.
In making work; important thing and alluring opportunities to hear way of thinking to design only by them directly.
Does your idea become bread of next Shizuoka design Festival?

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Power workshop of words


Power workshop of words

From May, 2016 to October

We invite professional copywriter playing an active part based in the Shizuoka city as lecturer and hold workshop learning the basics of copying, how to write editorial matter, application of copy.
Cooperation: Shizuoka copywriter zouk love

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